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talking helps during difficult times

“Helen’s warmth and kindness have been so helpful. I can now talk more openly about my problems to other people, and in so doing, I find that I’m not alone.”

counselling testimonials

“My sessions with Helen have given me a much deeper understanding of myself. When I first met Helen I needed help on a specific problem but I soon understood through exploring what linkages things have (on a conscious and subconscious level) I feel my thought process is much clearer now as I can see past initial problems and barriers and actually work on the underlying pieces. I didn’t think therapy was for me, but with Helen’s support I realise I was wrong and feel a much, much better person for it. I particularly liked how judgement was not passed in our sessions, but just listening, exploring and encouragement.”

“My sessions with Helen have given me the opportunity to explore and understand myself again at a time of stress and the end of a relationship. Helen’s kindness, warmth and support have given me the strength and insight to make decisions which hold my values at their core. She is intuitive and generous of spirit and applies her counselling skills with great care and an unfathomable depth of professional knowledge.”

“Helen is such a warm, calming person to be around. I looked forward to our weekly sessions because she always had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face.”

“I went to Helen after 7 years of suffering from OCD alone. I was, of course, sceptical about therapy and didn’t know if anything could ever be done. I can gladly say that my mind is now completely changed as Helen helped me to deal with my anxieties and OCD symptoms wonderfully. I am very grateful and would highly recommend her.”

“Before counselling, I actually thought I was the person with the problem. Helen helped me to sort out my feelings, draw upon my strong foundations and rebuild my self-esteem.”

“Sometimes it is so difficult to put into words how a life-changing experience, in my case, a marriage breakdown, can impact upon your mental or physical well being, but Helen understands.”

“I was going through bereavement and adjustment at home during the time I saw Helen and she reminded me that how I felt was normal (the rest of the week I usually felt like an alien compared to those around me).”

“Helen is a truly remarkable person; some people would say ‘wise’, others ‘an angel’. I would simply say Helen is real and that makes her a fabulous counsellor.”

“I had felt that there was no way I needed counselling – how could a stranger help me when I have a loving, warm-hearted family and friends? My first impression on meeting Helen was one of welcoming and warmth. I can now talk about my problems and find that so many people have experienced similar situations or have needed help.”

“I was nervous and unsure about counselling, but went along and gave it a try with Helen – family support and lots of tablets did not seem to relieve the tension, fear, shaking, back pain and inability to sleep I was experiencing. Helen’s warmth and kindness have been so helpful.”

“After a year of personal difficulty that tested me far beyond my emotional thresholds, I found myself experiencing lack of direction, a struggle to find my natural survival instinct and overwhelming sense of confusion, pain and loss. I had never even considered counselling and always perceived it to be something that was for others with greater needs. My time with Helen opened my eyes to my own needs and gave me an enormity of courage and strength to face and overcome heart-breaking personal challenges.”

“I did not know what to expect but Helen made it so easy to be myself, to learn about myself and to be kind to myself. This has enabled me to achieve a number of personal goals because my time with her has really been nurturing and encouraging. I have found great understanding in her compassion and her respectful approach.”

“I can honestly say that the skill and encouragement that Helen’s character provides has developed me as an individual. I am well and happy again.”

“Helen has an excellent memory and remembered the names of most of my huge extended family; she supported me and has given me tools that I use daily even now a few months on. I would recommend Helen to anyone who is looking for a counsellor, she is head and shoulders better than anyone I have seen in the past.”

“My time with Helen showed me that counselling has huge benefit to all people, however small you feel your need may be.”

“Being with Helen has created a safe place for me to express myself and release emotion that is not accepted in the day- to-day world.”

“I could not imagine finding a better counselling experience and have chosen to continue with my sessions even though it is not as needed in my present frame of mind. There is so much benefit in this experience and I would recommend Helen to anyone.”

“After explaining the series of events that had led me to this state – loss of 2 close relatives, the onset of ill health, I felt Helen understood with one phrase, the fact that I ‘had not had time to adjust to the loss of one event before another occurred, then another’. These words helped me in not feeling guilty or ashamed of my state, and I began to recover.”

“I went to Helen to seek validation for the way I was feeling, as other people did not appear to understand.”